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Art is a therapy; the life of an emotion, a inner demon or a hidden desire that burns inside. The process within the birth of creation can mend the wounds a heart holds. For some, art can cure the soul. For this designer that is exactly the case. It’s a personal art therapy session that involves subjects that she holds dear, while some subjects she has yet to recognize. She is inspired By cliches, irony and the way our society around us works. The acknowledgement of these qualities is what makes her brand stand out among the rest and allows her audience to feel a sense of authenticity while experiencing her garments.

As the daughter of an artist, this designer has the DNA of a craftsmen. Kristel Kuslapuu is a designer from Estonia who focused on art after finishing in tailoring school, soon after she continued to Estonian Academy of Arts where she earned her BA and was an exchange student in Stockholm. Her patterns are thick and prominent while her cuts and fabrics astonish all who gaze within. She says that the use of strong motifs and words are the easiest ways to get her messages through to people. She enjoys the reactions of her audiences after shows; flirting with sculptural forms, bold colors and unique patterns she tends to hear very different responses. Kristel calls herself a ‘self-confessed maximalist’ which is a beautiful and fitting name for her unique character. She, unlike many others, is not afraid to push boundaries. Sharing provocative messages and transcending traditional gender conformity is a thrill she continues to chase within each collection.

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The name Little Boys Blue is a reference to the undeniable connection between gender and color. While studying in Stockholm, she continually witnessed little girls drenched in pinks while little boys wore overwhelming blues. It made her laugh at first, but then soon the laughter turned to sadness. She believes anyone should be allowed to wear anything you like, regardless of gender. Feeling comfortable in your own skin makes people beautiful. Why are we opposing it? This is a question we all fail to ask ourselves and she won’t hesitate to shine a light onto this issue. This collection is also a play on words, her own nod to the Swedish word “hen” which is used in regards of people who don’t like to identify with any gender. In reference to this year’s Oxford Fashion Studios New York Fashion Week, Kristel feels enlightened that she has truly found something that she was meant to do. For this she is undoubtedly grateful! To be able to share her messages with the world while testing the boundaries of fashion and society is a voice that cannot go unheard. Kristel reminds us that the fashion world isn’t as glamorous as it may seem. The glam side lasts for only few minutes while you collection debuts stage, you have to really love fashion in a really manic way. She stresses that commitment is key, that you must prepare to sign your life away to a cutthroat yet rewarding career. Thankfully for the world, she has made this commitment, and now she can share her art with all who relate to her powerful messages.


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