A Sight For Blind Eyes

In our lives, one can face hundreds of obstacles. Life can place us in some truly unfortunate situations where we are forced to play a game where there are no rules. However, for some not all obstacles are as threatening. In fact, some may place us in situations we could have never imagined and to worlds we never knew existed. How you may ask? Well, it truly all lies in the way you look at uncertainty. Ultimately, the outcome is your decision. By that means you harvest complete control. If you choose to become defeated you may never see what lied ahead, and that’s a risk many are not willing to take. For this designer, he may be called a true warrior within itself. He overcame an obstacle that at one point stopped him in his tracks, until faith lead him to where his heart should have been all along.

Peter Tamasese is a man with designs that can hypnotize the masses. A master in Ubeki printing he currently resides in Queensland Australia however originally grew up on the small island of Sāmoa along the beaches of the Pacific. His mother and grandmother were very big influences on him as a child, both self-taught seamstresses they taught Peter the beautiful teachings of the ancient Ubeki print. Throughout his life he has faced on going hardships on a front he has no ultimate control. The hurdle in his life is one he has learned to live with and continues to embrace as he incorporates it into his designs and his overall image as a whole. Peter, like multiple other people all across the globe, suffers from the effects of color blindness. You may contemplate on whether or not this is a big deal, but once you consider his line of work you put together the roadblocks he continues to face. When asked if his color blindness affects his work, he confidently responds with optimism and poise. He says he just follows his gut instincts and tries not to let it affect his work. He tells us his color blindness doesn’t speak loud enough to alter his concepts, what is truly important is what his customers see in his work. He cannot see what we see, but that will never affect his overall willingness to design. He vows to continue to fight for a life where no obstacle will decide his fate.


“The brush does my speaking for me” – Peter Tamasese

Peter has placed many of his personal flares into his runway designs by continuing to incorporate his cultural background, sometimes he enjoys adding subtle hints of more intimate aspects that forever speaks of his ongoing whimsy. The night owl holds a certain place in his heart, where he is from they are referred to as a lulu. Fascinated by these majestic birds he placed some painted lulu feathers as a nod to his own childlike wonder. It is truly a magical concept when you can create such beautiful work that also has hints of the designers imaginations sprinkled right between the threads of the fabric. He takes pride in the fact that he can share his cultural background with the world and continues to watch as we embrace his life and place his pieces right onto the hangers of our closets.

Love his work? Visit his page


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