Colors of the Wind

Authenticity is a beautiful aspect an individual can have, to be authentic is a trait not many have grasp of due to the unfortunate lack of belief in themselves. Authenticity is real, it’s desirable and a treasure to modern society. It can open doors to opportunities that you would have never imagined were available for the taking. For this designer her authenticity in life has taken her to the runways of the Big Apple. She battled rough seas, troubling waves of opposition and mockery from people who disapproved of her work. She spent years of trying to convince herself her designs weren’t ‘too eccentric’ in an attempt to block out her haters opinions. No matter how dark the night, she learned to flourish, bringing her to the top of her craft leaving those words of hate behind her. Her design’s bring fashion to life, creating chic and colorful styles that have become a staple in the fashion world. Thus conceiving garments that express her true inner styles while catering to the modern woman, having her work drape us in luxury and confidence.


Jo-Anne Breach is a designer who has worked tirelessly to get to the place she is today. She has lived all over Australia and is now currently lives in the Rural Victoria area where she designs. Jo finds inspiration in all forms, however she says her time in the outback impacted her design aesthetic. She was always mesmerized by the art of creation, as soon as she graduated high school she followed her dreams by studying design, furthering her education of doing what she loves. Sometimes, there can’t be love without hardships, which unfortunately was the case for Jo. Slowly her love for design dissipated, as her work was mocked for being too bizarre for people to wear. This lead Jo to abandon her creations and stop designing as a whole. Heartbroken, she soon picked up the pieces and decided the voices pulling her down did not deserve to win, that she will continue to follow her heart. Thankfully for her persistence we today have breathtaking designs made straight from the soul of a designer with passion coursing through her veins.

Modern Renaissance is the name of the collection she chose to headline Oxford Fashion Studio’s New York Fashion Week, she chose this name due to her studies surrounding the intimate cross between nature and our modern lives. Often the interface where the two collide is during celebrations. In fact, she has prints inspired by the bunting that we string up outside during celebrations, a print inspired by falling confetti and a deconstructed floral inspired by the petals we throw at weddings. It’s a celebration of nature and romance in a modern context. When asked more about the message behind her work she responded with overwhelming warmth and positivity, “My interest really lies in creating fashion that makes women feel good – all women, of every size and shape. I want women to feel confident and comfortable in their clothes. I really believe that colour can have a positive impact on mood and I try to utilise this in my designs.” When it comes to Jo’s personal style, her designs reflect her inner spirit aswell physical wardrobe. She describes her style as modern with vintage influences. Her love for blouses and skirts of the fifties, the simple shift dresses of the sixties, and the flared jumpsuits from the seventies are aspects she incorporates within her garments and in her daily life. We will see some of these influences reinterpreted within her designs for all to flaunt, so if you’re into vintage clothing this is the designer for you, we’ve hit the jackpot!

Love her style? Visit her page

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