Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend


Jewelry is an essential accessory that can complete all outfits, it is a staple in fashion and a quality that brings a sense of elegance for all that wear it. The act of being literally draped in diamonds is a concept that dates back to the ancient Egyptians to pronounce royalty and wealth, in modern times it can be used to accent your new manicure or new outfit as a whole, whichever way you may choose to look at it, jewelry is still needed and still fully celebrated. Jewelry is a thirst that we must quench as it glistens off your person causing looks of utter awe, a beautiful attribution to your own personality and poise while creating a statement on your half transcribed in beautiful gems and gold inscriptions. Jewelry tells a story of who you are, and this designer embraces this aspect throughout her breathtaking designs.

Lisa Lesunja is a designer with great heart, a heart filled with the desire to create her most top of the line and exquisite designs. She is located in the landscapes of Zurich, where she grew up longing to make her jewelry. Growing up spending time in her father’s gallery she was exposed to this untouched world that is jewelry design, slowly this fascination turned into a love that she could not shake. As she got older, she was advised to take a different career path, abiding by those request she tried Economics for some years making her completely immersed in a field that was just not quite right for her. The void in her heart could not be filled, however, she realized very quickly the only thing that can make her truly full is designing her own line of jewelry. Based on that, she quickly reevaluated her life and made the steps that brought her straight to the Runways of Oxford Fashion Studios Paris Fashion Week.

lisalesunja2Love her style? Visit her site

Lisa is fascinated by diamonds, however not the white diamonds we are all so very used to seeing. She states that nature is such a beautiful entity, and it possesses so many astonishing gems that many choose not to use within their jewelry due to its lack of appeal in the jewelry design industry. She incorporates brown diamonds, black diamonds and all diamonds that the world has meticulously crafted for our amazement. Each of her products are real 18k gold and of course only the best authentic diamonds that she can find. She describes her line as a collection for all people. That each of her pieces are the perfect touch of sparkle for either an office setting or a date on the town, some of her items are bigger so the eyes catch it immediately while some are held secret so its ultimate reveal comes as you approach the individual. Each item is quaint with many minor details inscribed within, making her work a one of a kind. Her collection Je Veux is what is headlining Fashion Week where she will be using alot of black diamonds with dramatic gold chains, thus making her jewelry come to life under the lights of Oxford Fashion Studios Paris Fashion Week.

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