Elegance of the Night


A brand of luxury is a brand that demands the attention of all who encounter its beauty. The meer elegance of rhinestones glistening off your skin while intricate lace hugs each curve of your body is the definition of luxury itself. This designer is the poster child of all things lavish. She uses her designs to wrap the wearer in complete opulence. Boring is never an option, to live on her level you need to go big or go home. Her image is clear, a image fit for the red carpet or a night at the ball. However, this event is bigger than any red carpet, she’s debuting her work on Oxford Fashion Studios Paris Fashion Week.


Siah Howard is one of London’s leading Atelier Couture designers known for her impeccable style and fabulous taste. Her distinctive signature is of chic elegance and sophistication balance. She uses the most luxurious fabrics and exquisite embellishments to accent her garments so sparkle is seen at every angle. Her company’s message is understated and quaint, it includes allowing your wildest dreams to materialize as they offer wide ranges of services from her collection of dresses and designs that cover all occasions. Catering to both genders, Siah also offers Men’s suiting with the finest tailors ensuring a suit that is a part of your personal statement. She dips into your inner imaginations and comes out with all aspects of what you want and who you want to be.


Her collections includes hints of brilliant golds, dramatic prints, flattering cuts and silk that leaves a glossy haze over all who dare glance. Her garments is one of a fairy tale, allowing all who wear her work to live inside her great fantasies and truly experience her designs. This fashion week will be filled with superb designers debuting their signature collections together made by the unique individuals who dedicate their lives to the fashion world. Siah is primed and ready to debut her exquisite cuts and prints with her collection she has named Transformation. She has prepared for her collection for months and is anxiously awaiting her time to shine on the Oxford Fashion Studio Paris Fashion Week runway.  

Crave her elegance? Visit her page

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