Eye Spy: Challenge What You See

Inspiration surrounds us everywhere we may go, you just have to be looking. Your eyes may be open, but are you truly seeing? That’s the question this designer dares to ask. She finds her inspiration beneath the unknown and within the unnoticed. Her superpower in a sense is the fact she can appreciate the beauty of the unknown, however she truly takes even the noticeable concepts into account. The big the small it’s all relevant to her work and she continues to use those aspects prominently throughout her designs. These qualities is what gives her work a sense of mystery or familiarity, it’s based off of concepts that surround us everyday, but have you truly acknowledged it’s raw beauty? Well if you didn’t, we got you covered. This designer has dedicated her life to making the unnoticed, noticed.

Olabisi Saunders- Luus has fashion coursing through her veins, she has been immersed in the fashion world since a very early age thus fueling the inspiration behind her passion for design. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria and has inherited many creative qualities from her mother who is also a renowned fashion designer. As a child, she was very hands on with her mother’s work, however the one thing she did not enjoy about this field is the act of sewing her garments. This discovery within herself helped her pinpoint the best quality she possessed, that being her unique eye for design. Even with her history in the fashion industry, she did not start her career within this field. She went off and worked for many different companies until she realized her passion for fashion was putting her in jeopardy of being fired. Olabisi was sketching her designs any chance she could, putting her in tension filled positions with her then bosses. One day, working a fashion based internship, one of her bosses pulled her to the side and encouraged her to create her own brand. It didn’t take much convincing considering these thoughts consumed her mind. Soon the unnoticed designs of a designer with a dream, became noticed.

pasted image 0 (3)

Her collection Beats is headlining the Oxford Fashion Studios London Fashion Week and Olabisi couldn’t be any more excited. She described her styles as creative yet unique, the designs feature pops of pattern, lovely hints of lace and beautiful color that entwines effortlessly in each of her pieces. Her use of mood boards helps her while determining the multiple aspects for her collections. These boards are filled with her own personal styles in mind, which she describes as quirky, effortlessly chic, vintage and a bit Boyish a times. However, with her Beats collection she has added a little twist, her designs will also withhold a powerful message. This message the designer has conceled for now, however she is excited for it to debut along with the rest of her pieces. It gives her work a bigger impact, one that speaks truths and inscribes honesty throughout her personal brand. Her hard work has rewarded her with success, while her loyalty to her true self lead her to her dreams. She gives us the inspiration to take off the blindfold that hides away our ultimate happiness, and reminds us to never succumb to the side of the unnoticed.

Love her style? Visit her page

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