Forgotten Treasures

Fashion is timeless, sure style’s can lose its touch once new fads arise, however they will always stay a staple within our fashion history. From the back of our dusty closets to the front windows of a boutique vintage clothing is a forgotten treasure. Everyone has their favorite era of clothing, we are so consumed by modern fashions we forget how elegant styles used to be. For instance, the nineteen twenties was a revolutionary time for womens fashion, it was used as stand against modern injustice. Women took back the power and demanded respect while using their fashions to make a statement for their own causes. This designer sees the beauty within this era and recreates these styles while adding her own flare to make this collection truly her own.

Afa Tsang, is a Hong Kong based fashion designer who launched her own brand BERTH NUMBER 66 in Spring/Summer of 2014. Afa’s signature design  is through the use of geometric shapes and color blocking techniques to ultimately create modern vintage clothing inspired by the nineteen twenties Art Deco and La Garçonne looks. The chosen fabrics either evoke a nostalgic mood or come with very bold vintage prints. The inspiration for Oxford Fashion Studios Paris Fashion Week collection is Art Deco jewelries, the intricate lines and shapes give an impact on the silhouette leaving the wearer draped in pure luxury. Afa graduated in 2008, studying Fashion Design in Hong Kong Caritas Bianchi College of Careers, soon after she won the Gold Key Award and was a finalist in Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers Contest in 2008 and received the Young Talent Award. After graduation, she was hired as a fashion designer in a Hong Kong local brand and soon after was hired as by a local Hong Kong celebrity who created a fashion company and designed Rockabilly style clothing. Her hard work and dedication allowed for her ultimate success in the field of design, inspiring her to follow her dreams and create her own brand of clothing.

“You can see my personal style through my collection. I like modern vintage, color blocking and loose-fit style” – Afa Tsang


Deco Jewels, is inspired by Art Deco jewellery and has thus introduced a whole line of decorative dresses, coats, jumpsuits. She is very open about her designs, sharing that her herself indulges in vintage clothing. She enjoys vintage accessories and carry vintage handbags thus giving her collection more authenticity coming from a designer who wears this type of clothing. Upon receiving her invitation to Paris Fashion Week she was also opening up her newest store in Hong Kong. She is excited for all of the new developments in her life, however she admits it has been very hectic along the way as she tries to keep her current customers satisfied while preparing for one of the biggest moments in her career. She continues to create her beautiful designs, dedicating her life to making eccentric and stunning garments. Allowing us to travel back and live in a time once lost, but now forever reborn.  

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