Like a Skyscraper

Designers discover inspiration from all corners of their worlds, some find it within cities hidden beneath the shimmering lights, while some find it in small cafe’s submerged in local cultures and aviance. The list of finding inspiration is never ending, that is what makes art itself so mesmerizing, it is everywhere and anywhere just waiting to be discovered. This designer follows her inspirations and beautifully crafts her work surrounding an interesting yet groundbreaking aspect. She looks to architecture, the lines and patterns that decorate a tall skyscraper or a small ivy covered cottage. She feels that a building can reflect an idea for a designer, just like a design for a garment.

“Both the architectural design and the clothing design have a common goal, which is the satisfaction of human needs” – Persefoni Mavromanolaki

Persefoni Mavromanolaki is from the beautiful landscapes of Athens, here is where she found her inner inspirations to begin designing and sketching. She began this journey as a child, her passions flourished as she expressed her love of painting and sketching. It was an undeniable taste that she couldn’t shake, never could she have imagined the future in store as she continued to follow her dreams. Persefoni calls designing challenging yet exciting, as most tasks are. However, she realizes no matter how crazy the ride is overall this will be a giant step for her and her career ahead. After realizing her untapped potential she started entering her designs into some local contests, being surrounded by this lifestyle of expression and art her devotion grew stronger leading her to a path she has followed wholeheartedly.  

persefonimavromanolaki3Love her image? Visit her page

To pursue your dreams is an act of courage, the participation of believing in your true self. For Persefoni it was a decision that has propelled her onto the runways of Milan Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio. She decided to take the reigns and live an intense but rewarding reality that only few can experience. Taking the reigns, however, is not as easy as it may look. She tells us she is overwhelmed with emotion but is ready to rock it on stage as her designs take the walk of their life. Her collection Architecture Reflection is the apple of her eye, stating that the designs we will see on this upcoming runway has hints of her own personal style sewn into the seams. Her personal style is deluxe ready to wear clothes, with stricted lines and forms impressive cuts and chic fabrics. The characteristics throughout her personal style come out beautifully within her runway style. As a new designer she is ready to have her first few steps into this cut throat industry, with her chin up she know that she can create garments that will have women walk highly with the utmost elegance and confidence. She is motivated to design unique pieces that shows not only the personality and the unique style of each individual but also how flattering a piece can be on them. This is something new for her, but she has faith is her architectural designs and strives to have every woman feel unique and breathtaking.


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