Nature Vs. Nurture: How Fashion Can Save The World

Our world is in a very fragile place in time, with global warming haunting our waters and pollution suffocating our skies it is important to remember to love and cherish the lands that have nurtured us. It’s hard to find clothing that can abide by the laws of nature, or garments that itself has nature sewn into the delicate seams. Fashion that is sustainable yet breathtaking is the goal of this designer, a goal that gives us the peace of mind knowing that mother earth will be left unharmed. Flourish: Flowers in Outer Space is new and innovative, a line that will change the way the fashion industry will look at nature, a line that continues to pave the way for a healthier and world ahead.


Rawan Maki is a genius in her line of work, with visions that intertwine the fashion world with the earth itself. As studied Yale graduate she received her degree in Engineering and Economics, then soon after furthered her career as an Environmental Engineer. Due to her years of experience within this field she was able to witness the tremendous effects our world has succumb to, from there she continued to study solutions on how we can potentially rebuild as a community. The fascination grew while examining the cross between the way us as humans interact with nature, and how impressionable our world can be when given the tools to either destroy or reinvent. Thus giving her the motivation to create a line of clothing that will make woman feel chic yet exquisite while also allowing them to take part in the a bigger mission.

Fashion industry can leave a huge ecological footprint, one so large that once it starts to grow it is very hard to dissolve. For instance, Rawan mentions to us that while designing, up to 15% of material is wasted and tossed into landfills. Extra material always comes in handy, why would we waste any material especially seeing that the effects are deadly to our earth. To avoid this, Rawan uses the extra material to make beautiful accessories such as headbands. Not only are these headbands affordable (so every woman can take part in this amazing cause), but it’s more once you take into consideration that you are participating with a system to minimize waste, all with the use fabrics that combine recycled and organic components.

Flourish: Flowers in Outer Space possesses more than one meaning, other than its environmentally friendly fabrics and earth conscious messages it has a metaphorical aspects as well. Rawan’s interesting title for this collection is inspired by fears surrounding new risks you may take in life that may make you feel lost or foreign, her message is that eventually all will become known and you will flourish into your best self, like a blooming flower in outer space. This message is one of her own, one she found over years of changing her mindsets and allowing new situations to take over. As advice to future fashion designers she states it’s important to know your brand and perfect your process. This collection is empowering for women as it allows us to embrace the uncertainties that life can throw in our paths. Rawan encourages us to keep going. Her collection is filled with bright colors and statement cuts that will make any woman feel stunning as they take on the world.

Love her designs? Visit her page

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