Never Silenced: The Blend

Fashion is more than cloth, color and cuts, it’s a statement. A statement of who you are and how you choose to present yourself. For some fashion is a resale to truly express their inner beings and break free from the shackles society places on us. This designer refuses to be silenced, using her designs as a platform for the injustices we face in this world. Her designs are fresh, they’re edgy and bring new conversations to the table. The cuts and colors drape the wearer in utter beauty, while the prints within tell a different story.

Nikki Hendricks is a young designer from the heart of Baltimore, a graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art her passions for design flourished as she emerged from a small town designer to a runway phenomenon. She was influenced at a young age by her grandmother, Nikki admired her love of the arts and her work as an artist. At the start of her fashion career she was told by her art teacher that her sketches were awful, this discouraged Nikki, she then questioned if maybe this was more of a hobby opposed to a future career.  However, this was not enough to stop her from following dreams. Once she moved to Baltimore, the fire within her sparked. She realized she can use her designs as a political statement in these uneasy times. Nikki has the wholesome desire to explore ideologies centered around race and gender within her personal life which then reflects into her designs. Due to her living in the in the crux of racial injustice she has since steered her art to a more important value. She says that our world is not a melting pot, it’s a salad bowl. Stating that we should embrace who we are because we are all in this together as one. Our cultures are still prominent and are cherished, only now they are under attack and under a spotlight of scrutiny. She wants to design her clothing with the intent of making the wearer feel stunning, but also wants them to feel like they’re a part of a bigger agenda, one that can help change a world of evil into a world of acceptance.

The Blend is the name of the collection she chose to headline Oxford Fashion Studios Paris Fashion Week. It references how a society has more similarities than differences. How we all face struggles, biases, stereotypes and hardships. That we should stop fighting each other and instead help each other, listen to each other and together stand to end injustices within our world. Her style is edgy with pops of colors and cuts that will grab anyone’s attention. Nikki tends focus on her experiences with self-love and acceptance, and strives for equality and understanding within her community. Her messages are clear, and are entwined within her pieces giving everyone a way to make a stand while feeling beautiful and confident.
Love her designs? Visit her page

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