Peace, Love & Fashion


When it comes to casual wear, this designer is the queen of style. She can make a brunch outfit into runway material with a blink of her eye. Natasha Brassel is the mastermind behind the company Tashas Closet, her brand that encompasses high fashion and casual wear. She continuously incorporates fun loving patterns with accents of serious runway cuts, allowing each individual aspect of her garment to mesh effortlessly into an outfit ready to stun the masses.

Natasha’s company was founded in March of 2011, she has rooted her company into mainstream fashion while her herself has grown as an individual by adapting to changing styles.  Tashas Closet is an exclusive ladies-wear brand, her company signature message is to have clothes individually crafted with peace, love & palm trees in mind. Proudly South African from concept to finish, Tasha’s offers Island hippie styles that can be worn for casual day wear, as well as dressed up to be transformed into stylish ensembles fit for a night on the town. Her patterns vary but tends to have hints of nature woven into each garment. From cheetah to floral prints, each piece doused in vibrant colors for all women who long to embrace their fashionista side. Also, Natasha specializes in locally made Brazilian Cut bikinis, for women who prefers as little tan lines as possible. Tasha’s Closet is a brand fit for any woman who identifies as playful yet sexy.


The brand fulfills the fashion lover’s dream, with palm tree accents and soft breathable cloth that can conform to all body types. Her debut in Oxford Fashion Studios London Fashion Week will rocket her career to the top of the charts, featuring her new collection that will encompass each individual aspect of her and her brand. Natasha is very excited, putting the runway first as she is swamped with photo-shoots and pre-fashion week to do’s. She is determined to have her garments do the talking for her as they make the historical walk down the runways of London, where everyone can appreciate her hard work and witness the undeniable beauty that is Tasha’s Closet.

Love her style? Visit her page

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