Runways Over the Rainbow

A rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon, the sky changes from dark and grey to a canvas filled with alluring hues. It’s a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors, it brings overwhelming feelings of optimism and gives us a sigh of relief that behind the clouds there is an iridescent glow of happiness that awaits us. We associate color with happiness for a reason, I believe it all lies within the mysteries of nature. Color allows us to express our emotions and fulfill our fantasies that only we can embrace. This designer understands this concept, and incorporates color deeply into her chic and trendy designs.

Carolina Mejia is a designer that allows us to paint our wardrobe with the qualities that of a rainbow, garments drenched in bright pinks and neon blues that reflect the beauties in which we admire. Her company .MCMA. is dedicated to making cheerful and fun-loving fashions that everyone can enjoy. Each garment and accessory empowers women to embrace their personalities and unleash their inner lioness. Her designs are refined, bringing us unique pops of celestial embellishments and sharp statement cuts. The prints consist of stars an skulls bringing a collaboration of pop and rock. Her company is creative hub comprising fashion, art, literature and music. The self-proclaimed brainchild of Colombian designer Maria Carolina Mejia Amaya is a  travel junkie who was inspired by London’s vibrant, international and eclectic fashion scene. .MCMA’s philosophy is to develop an outlet for creativity and style for strong, independent women who dress for themselves and are inspired by everything they see and do. Her company also coordinates with a fundraiser called fundacion dar esperanza where the .MCMA. team hold’s creative days for disadvantaged children and children from abusive homes in California, bringing a bigger and more important meaning to her company.

“We hope that by encouraging these amazing children to explore their talents, they will be able to create a better future for themselves” – .MCMA. Company Message


Her collection I Will Meet You Over the Rainbow is heading to the New York Runways. Oxford Fashion Studio’s New York Fashion Week holds dozens of designers ready to show their work in one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world, and Carolina is ready to shine. Her collection, just like the rest of her clothing, will light up the entire room. Her lollipop instagram posts and inspiring lifestyle pictures really bring a pleasant and entertaining image to her company that many strive to have as their signature. It brings a honesty to the table, a sense of familiarity with her customers allowing her brand to become more versatile for all to enjoy. The runways will be painted in waves of color as she debuts the collection of her lifetime, allowing all of us to live happily in color.  


“Love is the fundamental law in the universe, we evolve as we get closer to love” – .MCMA

Love her style? Visit her page

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