Style in Motion

Movement is a way of expression, we use motion as a reaction to help inspire those around us. Motion is an impact, it can be measured, felt and seen while leaving a mark upon a viewer. For instance, dancing is a motion that can be measured in time of music, in angle of your feet as it moves from first to fifth position or within arch of your arms as they effortlessly soar into the air. To dance is to commit an elegant act of movement, the controlled sway and balance of an individual captures an audience as they grace across the floor. This designer uses body motion to inspire her designs and cuts, using movement to create fun and carefree garments to make the wearer comfortable while fashionable.  


Qing Hua is a designer of the arts, using her background of skills to create relaxed yet trendy outfits. Qing graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2003 specializing in knitwear design. She then spent several years learning all aspects of the cashmere apparel crafting processes while working in a cashmere garment factory in China. Her background has placed her through rigorous training that has now set the foundation for her career in design, however there is one last aspect that has allowed her to envision the work she creates, this being dance itself. Qing studied classical Chinese dance in Guangdong and Beijing, thus the spark behind her fiery passions. Each geometric cut and blend of color is a nod to the laws of style, while the flow of the garment is a tribute to the many motions that a dancer can project. To dance is to enrich your mind and soul with movement. It’s serenity and poise can inspire the masses to love, to laugh and to believe and with Qing’s designs she has accomplished all three.



“Warm, delicate, light, generous, yet strong and substantial, each piece drapes with tantalizing movement”. – Qing Hua


Qing tells us that each piece is a garment of beauty, grace and excellence. Her pieces are three dimensional, she imagines garments through not only motion, but through the shape and the feel. Allowing women to feel casual yet trendy to become their best selves. The pieces are created with movement in mind, each element of the design withholds its own spirit which has enchanted the masses. Qing cares about her customers well being, knowing that as women we endure hardships and discomforts. Her use of cashmere coddles every curve while the cuts allow for breezy and swift movements. The best thing you can do for your daily life is to feel comfortable while confident, Qing has dedicated her life to this signature and has done so effortlessly. Her designs are superb, and she vows to continue her line of work making women feel their best self for many years to come.

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