Taking Back the Night // Fashion VS. Comfort

What do you consider the most important aspect of fashion? Is it the way certain patterns compliment the most delicate curves of your body? Or maybe it’s sudden high you feel once you capture the glance of strangers admiring your beauty as you strut down the streets. Well for some the most important aspect is only one thing, comfort! If you agree with that logic you’re in luck, Arevir Fashions has the best styles for every woman chasing the best way to feel comfortable and fierce at the same time.

“I love creating comfortable yet exquisite pieces for my clients”- C’Asia Addison, Arevir Fashion.


Arevir Fashions is a company started by a woman who has chased a dream she didn’t know lived inside of her until years after her career in interior design, and thanks to her amazing talents we have a line of beautiful clothing to inspire today’s most confident women. C’Asia Addison started her company a few years ago and within a very short time span has flourished into a designer with a bright future and fantastic career ahead of her. She has been in not one but four runway shows for New York Fashion Week flaunting her finest designs, leaving every audience member stunned once they learned that an individual who has such little design experience can create such elegant and trend setting fashions. C’Asia realized she had her talent right after she had her first born daughter, her baby was so tiny the standard infant clothes wouldn’t fit her. Soon after that C’Asia picked up the knack for making her own clothes, that alone was the spark she needed to discover her untapped potential. Her family and peers watched in awe as she created the most charming little outfits, they became so impressed by her designs they told her to start up a career in fashion. Suddenly and all at once, her beautiful daughter and her undeniable talent were born, yet that is just the beginning of what makes Arevir Fashions so unique.


For her first debut in Paris Fashion Week, C’Asia has named her line Serenity Glaze, a fitting name for a line full of shimmering sparkles and flawless elegance. If you caught on, yes it also has a connection to the Sailor Moon franchise, C’Asia calls herself a major nerd but really who isn’t?  For her collections, she says that the most important thing about fashion is being comfortable, and trust me she is not wrong. She runs her company in a very unique style that continually brings customers back longing for more. Whats her secret? Well, each article of clothing she makes is a one of a kind, literally. Not one outfit she design is ever duplicated and is custom to fit every one of her customers, and here’s why. C’Asia understands that each individual has a body unlike the rest, and that each person wants to accent different parts of their body. So she created a system that beautifully tailors to one individual person so she can feel a sense of relaxation and embrace her body without the fear of discomfort. Her material even stretches, so every move you make the fabric will continually contort to your body. Everyone is built differently, so why not flaunt your diversity, as C’Asia states “amplify their uniqueness”, and I say preach it girl.


Love her style? Visit her page

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