The Lucid Dream

In some cases, dreams do a lot more while you’re awake than they do when your asleep. Vivid dreams can be so profound they awake your inner passions while transforming your overall view of a subject. This designer uses her dreams to create a world of her own, filled with brilliant hues, hypnotizing prints and cuts that stun the masses. Her circus of dreams has been reborn into her designs. Allowing us to live within her subconscious and indulge in the fantasy she has created for us.

Caroline Smouse is an artist of all trades, using her dominant background in dance and drawing as the gateway to her career in fashion design. She comes from a family of artist, her grandmother being a well known designer and model herself has allowed Caroline to witness the lifestyle that is now her ultimate desires. She has been bred the knowledge of design while breathing the airs of classical ballet, dance also being a large impact on her work. Her connection with costume is undeniable, while performing with the Moscow Ballet she discovered her love of costume design, she incorporates this prominently within her work. She holds many aspects of her life dear to her heart and truly has a grasp of who she is as an individual. Caroline embraces these qualities by placing her personal characteristics into her work. She encourages others to do so as well, because without being comfortable with yourself you lose out on the ongoing potential that has yet to be unleashed.

Her Starry Eyes collection is inspired by the haze of love. The blindness one feels when overcome by emotions of lust. Oxford Fashion Studio’s New York Fashion Week will be filled with colors of the night and lively energy, just the way Caroline envisions her life. Her alternate universe of dreams combined with the movements of dance all sewn together to create her ultimate utopia. Her designs feature heavy crocheting, all shaped into fun and seventies inspired outfits. The flared bottoms doused in sparkle work beautifully with the contrasted cuts she chooses for each piece. Within each garment you can see the dedication, the handmade outfits of a woman with a dream, literally. Her use of runway space is always a charm, usually incorporating hula hoops and dance music. She believes it truly connects the community. The ability to bring people together is seen as magic in her eyes, and with her pieces that magic has sent her straight to the runways of New York.  

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