Without a Rule-book

Marina Furin is the designer of the future, she understands the concepts of what our society wants and the aspects her customers admire. Fashion is an evolving art form; continuously adapting to its surroundings, environments and individuals. It’s a language everyone must speak, yet we all decipher it in different forms, that in itself is what makes fashion so extraordinary. Originally from Russia, Marina received her degree as an Engineer in Fashion, soon after she moved to her new and current home in Germany where she spent her time understanding the complex workings of web design. Thus giving her a huge advantage over all other designers. One night, surrounded by family while enjoying a few glasses of deep red Merlot, Marina opened her eyes to a new path. She wanted to design, she longed to re-open the side of her that was left untouched for some years. Leather goods was her domain and luckily for the fashion world she hasn’t looked back since. She dedicates her life to hand making beautiful hand bags and leather accessories straight from her own home. Marina and her daughter Valeria work together within their home office, personalizing each and every product to their loving customers. They commit to creating confident and sophisticated accessories that will compliment every woman in their own way, and continue to adore every moment of it.


Moi Dasch is the name chosen to headline her first ever London Fashion Week runway show with Oxford Fashion Studio, however the meaning behind the name withholds a much bigger treasure. Moi Dasch translates to My Bag in German, the mission of the company is to have the customers have their own inspirations come to life through the workings of Marina’s pieces. Her vision is to create a bag that an individual designs with the designer so they can have a bag that truly represents who they are. This aspect is what truly makes this company unique, they cater to what the modern woman desires and care deeply about their customers diverse tastes in fashion. No one likes to toss their luxury bags once their out of style, and sometimes as consumers we wish there were some aspects that we could add to a product that could bring out our own personalities, a little touch is all it would need to make a piece truly one of our own (with some help from the designer of course!). Thankfully, Marina and her wonderful team have forever found a fun, interactive and helpful solutions. 

This line exhibits every ounce of beauty that minimalism possesses, the minimalistic touches in their designs are what make her line stand out from all other brands. Marina and her team have been preparing for this show for months and have intricate plans to help stun their audiences. To show off their designs, models will be draped in beautiful matching rompers that will accent each individual piece beautifully. Marina and her team have worked tirelessly, and this is their chance to shine for all of London. They know this runway is their platform and want to put on a show that all will admire. The theme they have chosen for their runway was taken from mother nature’s undeniable beauty; this being the shimmering gloss of a ocean soaked sea shell intertwined with the crisp airs of autumn. Each piece has a quality that pairs beautifully together; the silk exteriors of sea salted shells along the ocean shore coordinate effortlessly with the fall colors that mimic the orange painted skies of an autumn afternoon.

“Women want to create with us” – Valeria Furin

Marina is very excited to be debuting in her first ever London Fashion week with Oxford Fashion Studio, this will be her first big event since she started making her beautiful pieces. While nerves are high they continue to stay positive knowing that this will be a huge step for their brand as a whole. When we asked her about any advice she would give to future designers, her message stayed clear; stay strong and stay persistent. They shared with us an old saying in Germany often said when  difficult situations arise, a phrase that states to bite your way through it, success is never over night. This advice is perfect for any tough happenstance, it’s up to you on how you will deal with obstacles, but if you stay true to who you are you can never be wrong. If there is one thing Marina has inspired us to do, it would be to remember that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. Who knows, maybe you too will end up on a runway in London, we’ll meet you there.

Love her pieces? Visit her page

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