World of Chances


Change is an aspect one must embrace in their lives, without change there is no movement, and a stale life is not a lived one. Change is a thing you can count on, it brings new air to your lungs and new environments to concur. No one said it is easy, but isn’t it refreshing to know you can literally change the direction of your life anytime your soul feels trapped? Or wasted? There is so much more in life out there than some of us can understand, as humans we have so much untapped potential that we must discover. We must choose not to fold under pressures of society and embrace our true selves for who we are. For this designer, she defied the masses and did exactly that.

Nerea Gibson is a designer living to the beat of her own drum, she has defined the word change itself by allowing her mind and body to commit to a lifestyle that was none of her own. As a child she was charmed by fashion, however, she never could foresee this path as a career. Instead, she immersed herself in the world of science and became a successful Molecular Biologist. Her life was lived in a bright white coat, spending hours on end in labs across Baltimore. Her brain lived for science, yet her heart lured for design. She soon opened her eyes and acknowledged that there was more to life than what she was living. Nerea will always love science, however a change was needed in her life, a change that has sent her straight to the runways of London.



“I may not have the the experience on paper, but I have the drive to succeed” – Nerea Gibson

Nerea has a love for accessories, her brand Aeren Waters has a stern focus on accessories for now, however she is very open to change acknowledging that soon she will branch into various parts of fashion. The name Aeren Waters fulfills both necessities that a human may need, air and water. A small nod to her love of accessories and how they, like air and water, are needed to live as well. She adds little hints of science into her brand by creating her products wisely, she uses recycled materials to recreate her beautiful pieces in efforts to make our world a healthier place. Her designs are bright in color and unique in design, adding that little hint of bold without being too overbearing thus allowing a spirit of cheer and confidence. Nerea longs for her designs to be the perfect addition to an everyday outfit. Just enough to show a flash of style in the office without causing a wave of attention. She loves her work, she knows she has a lot more to learn. However,  she is determined to climb, sweat and work for her designs, her brand and ultimate her success. We welcome her to the runways of  Oxford Fashion Studios London Fashion Week.

Love her style? Visit her page

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