World of Culture


Fashion is a culture within itself, to have a person entwine culture into the fabrics of a garment is a true testament of individuality. Culture is an important aspect within our society and should be celebrated in any and all forms of life. For this designer, she incorporates her own cultures in the creation of her designs thus displaying a nod to a world she has beautifully embraced. To have the fashion industry look upon her designs is an act of community, to show that every design has its story and together as an industry we should be open to any and all traditions that our world has in store.

Amani Alkandari is a designer from the landscapes of Kuwait where she spends her time creating breathtaking kimonos for the women who want to add a touch of color to their arabian lifestyle. She began her quest in the fashion world at first as just a means of income, she longed to travel her whole life and did not have the monetary state to do so. That is when she decided to pick up the art of design, little did she know this was a talent she had the knack for. Amani made enough money to travel the world, and in doing so realized fashion might be more of a serious career choice for her future. Fast forward a few years and she is debuting her designs on the runways of Milan.

Her brand Arabian Boho is inspired around the arabian garment called an abaya, which is a black cover up that all ladies wear to cover up their body in the arabian cultures. Amani wanted to create something easy to wear that can complement the abaya while bringing a hint of personality to women’s wardrobes.  Amani picks her own fabrics that she personally admires and creates each garment by hand. Her style is represented in her work, showing all of her models the way he represents herself, natural. No makeup, no hair stylist and even no shoes. Just raw beauty and cultural inspired prints that brings one part of the world closer to the rest while we appreciate the beauty within all parts of the fashion world. We are excited to see her debut for the first time in Oxford Fashion Studios Milan Fashion Week.

Love her style? Visit her page



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