Doing Time

Our world is full of mysteries, mysteries that bring a dark and shallowing shiver that lives within our communities in very familiar places. We see it in the news, we see it in our towns and it saturates modern entertainment. This mystery is crime. Criminals that have their own alter egos, own motives and signatures. Crime is a game that we indulge in by listening to media twist and turn their stories into folklore. It makes us hate them, makes us love them, and overall allow us to see within their world of fright and delusion. This designer beautifully entwines these concepts into her work, allowing the criminal minds to take center stage and speak their own tales.

“Olivia’s goal is to bridge the gap between theatrics and style, beauty and emotion as well as combining classical elements of fashion with innovation” – Olivia Johnston

Olivia Johnston lives in Sydney, Australia, this is where she grew her passions for the mystery of criminology. Her company Møx Label primary focus is on creating a distinct style through the use of top-notch fabrics and the highest level of design aesthetics. The collection features a simplistic and clean proportions, unique textures and forms accompanied by a variety & diverse range of textiles. Her line debuting at London Fashion Week is Felony ‘17 which has a strong essence of sophistication and quality accompanied by touches of peculiar and eerie undertones. Her company aims for new innovations within the fashion world in order to impress the masses and stand out in the current cut throat markets of Australia.


Oxford Fashion Studios London Fashion Week gives Olivia’s visions a platform to indulge in a whole new world of fashion. Her fascination with dark minds help inspire her in the creation of these striking designs. She is excited to take criticism and praise on all ends of the spectrum so she can individually grow as a designer in order to produce more remarkably groundbreaking pieces. Olivia continues to shape collections around her inspirations through the use of a strong story and concept in order to create a mixture of style, beauty and emotion.

Love her style? Check out her website

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