Hue Are You?  

Every wardrobe needs a hint of color, no size is too big or too small for a splash of hypnotizing hues. Color can express more than words can describe, it unlocks emotion while allowing you to feel a person’s mood. Color is its own universal language, speaking wonders while engulfing the wearer in trendy and swank fashions. This designer understands that color is important, he incorporates vibrant colors that are a spin on the traditional Dashiki pattern, a garment found in West Africa. He describes his brand’s inspiration as an “all day’s life”, based upon Switzerland’s various different cultures and styles. His inspirations also lies within the combination of his Ghanaian legacy and swiss culture. He continually uses the local music, art and more combining a blend within our generations.


Marvin King is a master at his craft, allowing his brand to reflect his passions and charisma. His parents are originally from Ghana, and as a family they are very close to their traditional roots. One day his mother introduced him to a Joromi, which is a the Ghanaian name for the Dashiki, she attempted to motivate him to wear it. Skeptical at first, he was not really enthusiastic about submitting piece into his personal wardrobe. However, one night he decided to wear it to a club in Lausanne, Switzerland. As he walked into the room immediately eyes were on him, everyone begging the question of where he got his outfit. Right there his mindset changed, he realized people are attracted to patterns and colors and enjoy participating in cultural styles. He returned home and immediately asked his mother to get me some more shirts. Just like that, Dashiki Lausanne was born.

“Equality must be everywhere every culture are beautiful” – Marvin King

Marvin is debuting his collection Dashiki in Oxford Fashion Studios Milan Fashion Week, and this will be his first runway show in the public eye. His image for this collection  strives to motivate people to wear more colorful garments, especially in summer. He thinks that this collection encompasses good vibes and happy moods. When you’ll wear your Dashiki you’ll feel really comfortable while enjoying chic and modern attire. One predicament he faces within the creation of his line relates to the fact that the Dashiki is a traditional African garment, the hardest aspect is combining the traditional qualities and modern qualities while withholding the utmost respect. This is what motivates him to continue, the fact that people show overwhelming love for his collections while continuing to respect the roots of his cultural background is a revolutionary concept he embraces dear for present and future projects to come. With this brand, Marvin longs to show how the multi culture is beautiful and shares love and peace throughout this urban style.

Like his style? Check out his page

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