La Mode de la France

True fashion never fades, the beautiful colors and cuts seen on some of our most beloved icons are merely the foundation of our fashions seen on runways today. This designer is inspired by the many staples of fashion history, this includes the garments of the late Audrey Hepburn and the gowns found on the noble Mrs. Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Her dedication to this vision is mirrored throughout her work and will forever honor the fashions once lost in the decades of yesterday.


Dominique Mearns is a designer with fashion pulsing through her veins. Her family, riddled with fashion connoisseurs themselves, has formed an unbreakable foundation of class and sophistication throughout the fashion world. Dominique was raised with a fashion forward lifestyle, she has won multiple awards including a Fashions on the Field award that was given to her as young as a teenager, this continuing to make her passions grow for a world that she has been openly exposed to. She studied rigorously and has had decades of experience in international trade that has exposed her to executive levels of business. Her experience and devotion to the field has shown her the lights of ultimate success, her strength in mind and soul can conquer all as she is ready to take on the world with her fashion.


It all came to her as a beautiful bride excited for her marriage to the one she loves, in this time she encountered an experience that brought her to the unforgiving realization that motivated her to create fashion for all to celebrate, personally catered to the ones with a classic heart longing for some modern flare. Dominique found out the hard way that bridesmaid dresses are not the easiest to find. This moment opened her eyes and sparked her passions once again to commit to a world she has enjoyed in the not so distant past. It was time for her to join forces with her love of design and international trade and launch her own personal brand. Spreading her own touches of beauty and allowing women to feel confident in their own skin.



Love her style? See her page

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