The Streets of Toronto

Street art is a form of expression that is seen by all and admired for years to come. Its raw essence can show pain, injustice, beauty and emotion that this world blindly encounters. Street art is a language of its own allowing a personal platform for anyone who dare partakes in this dangerous art form. Its use of color describes what is only held in the inner consciousness of the artist, the words or designs crafted for those who feel what is in some cases never understood. This designer is inspired by the voices of the alleys, the masters of the concrete jungles and deciphers their words and recreates them into her bright, fun and deep articles of clothing that can speak to all like graffiti of the night.

This collection, described as the ‘brainchild’ of Kassandra Coleman and Ashley Bullock, has mimicked the beauties of yarn bombing while allowing its cuts and hues to mesmerize the masses. These two young women went to two separate colleges, lived in two separate towns, and yet shared a similar love of vibrant clothing. The conjoining minds of two artistic individuals has created a beautiful and unique work that incorporates the love of crochet with the — of their own vision entwined within each garment. For Oxford Fashion Studios London Fashion Week they have crafted a mix of couture garments along with ready to wear pieces. The two craft everything from graphic tees to hats and scarfs. The passion of these two women allow a world of their own to be shared with all who relish within an undeniable love of chic street style.

Brain Hive is the name chosen to debut this London Fashion Week, a subtle hint to their own personal messages allowing free mindsets of will. Bowing to the fact that they, as partners, have no limits to what they can create. Both women allow their personal styles to resonate within their work, Coleman and Bullock consistently wear their creations thus confirming that this collection is indeed the brainchild of their inner imaginations. This Toronto street art  inspired designs will make its debut on the runways of London for all to admire as each partner gets to see their extraordinary creations come to life before our eyes.


Love their style? Check out their page

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