Vanessa Gounden: Inside the Show

Vanessa Gounden is a designer of utter romance, her designs untap the flourishing love that lies behind the beauty of her garments. Oxford Fashion Studio’s New York Fashion Week hosted numerous talented designers this September, however Vanessa stood out from the pack, stunning the crowds with her elegant gowns that is stitched with pure grandeur. Her prints are one of a fairy tale while each cut tells a story of its own.

Minutes before the show, backstage grew packed as the models shuffled to the sides of the stage. Sounds of tapping heels hit the floor and soft murmurs clouded the air as the countdown continued to show time. Not a nerve in the world could distract Vanessa and her team as the goal of putting on a show gleamed onto their souls. The Oxford Fashion Studio team filled the room with smiles, laughs and champagne prior to seating; listening to the excitement of the crowds as they await a show of a lifetime. Rose petals lined the sides of the runway, adding a touch of enchantment. One single rose was placed on every seat in the house, thus allowing the audience to truly live this fairy tale. Anticipation built, the models were prepped, the audience was seated. Once the curtains closed, slowly but surely, Vanessa’s dreams all became a reality.


The lights shined on the deep shadows of the runway, the show has begun. The models standing tall with fierce yet elegant looks, taking our minds to a new and luxurious atmosphere. A clean face and a solo short braid complimented every gown that graced the long and unforgiving runway. The first gown resembled pure mystery, outlines of question marks printed aimlessly on the shoulders down to the seams of the piece, while watercolor like imprints line the garment at every aching curve. Dresses flooded the runway, each one whisked delicately with every move while continuously mesmerizing the audience with fun and abstract prints. Cocktail dresses drenched in temperate blues surrounded tickled pink pant suits as they graced the floor, leaving each wearer wrapped in luxury. These garments stitched with hints of intricate beading were, undoubtedly chic and each one absolutely unique. Ranging from magnificent ball gowns to sheer power dresses. Vanessa has worked very hard to create such unforgettable designs, making women across the globe feel confidently exquisite. Her mind and soul has the ability to create such lavish designs that are nothing but top of the line. Each garment truly came to life on this years runway, forever imprinting endless wonders of a night that will never be forgotten.


Love her style? Check her out

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