Nikki Hendricks: NYFW Post Show Interview


This September, Nikki Hendricks has graced not one but two Fashion Week runways. Debuting in New York and Paris she showed off her beautiful collection of designs and lived a dream that has now come true. Her use of bright orange hues and contemporary patterns is part of her signature brand that she has worked tirelessly to create. As a designer she is innovative, with her keen eye for trends and fads, yet she is unique as she places her own spin on all of her pieces. This is Nikki’s final fashion week interview  regarding her memorable experiences with Oxford Fashion Studio.


1)      How did you like the show?


I thought the show was great! I loved the energy of the crowd and the location of the venue. The overall flow of the show seemed very organic and organized. The music especially flowed well with each collection.


2)      Did your designs encompass all that you imagined them to be? Or is there something you wish you could have done different?


An artist is always their own biggest critic. I do always see things I feel personally I could improve on and push. I would like to incorporate more accessories for a more complete look so that everyday people can see themselves wearing my pieces.


3)      Watching your designs grace the runway did it make you feel accomplished? What were your emotions?


It was amazing to see my designs on a professional runway! To know that I have so many that support me and my journey as a designer to get there meant more in that moment than anything. I felt overwhelmed with joy and love from so many people which pushes me to keep going and do what I already love.


4)      What was the feedback you received from your following? (Customers, family, ect.)


Critiques that I heard were mostly incorporating more accessories for each look.


5)      Did you enjoy the runway experience? Do you plan on participating in runway shows in the future?


I love showing on runways and the overall energy of fashion shows. It’s a great feeling to be around like minded people who appreciate the art of fashion. I would love to show in London. I love the style and trends coming out of there recently and feel it fits my style.


6)      If you watched any other shows (prior/post your show) which ones did you enjoy/relate to the most?


I didn’t get the chance to personally check out any other shows, but I saw some impressive and sensational clips through social media of designers like Marco Marco, Phillip Plein and GCDS collaborating with musical artist and performers in their shows. That is something I hope to do one day soon!


7)      Was New York Fashion Week all that you expected it to be?


This was my first fashion week showing and certainly not my last. Next season I hope to go to a lot more shows during fashion week especially some of my favorite designers like Christian Cirano, Fenty Puma, and The Blondes.

Check her out here


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