Oxford Fashion Studio: NYFW Part 2

Up first in the line up of wonderful designers is the elegant Karla Garzaro with her collection Empowering Femininity. Her style is sleek and her sleeves demand attention, adding her lovely personal touches together to create a power look for all women to embrace.

Following Karla we have the wonderful Ana Holschneider of Caralarga debuting her BRUJAS collection. This unique take on jewelry added the perfect amount of flare to New York Fashion Week. Creating hand woven statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets, she truly has an eye for new and innovative ways to make her mark in the fashion industry.

Adding some funk to our runways (literally) we introduced Grandma Funk, debuting her new collection I Am Melbourne. Her patterns are simplistic and charming, adding black and white prints of magnificent architecture throughout her garments.

Hero4Hero’s collection Guillemy truly brought a rainbow of colors to the New York City runways this September. Designing chrome colored jackets with pops of fun-loving patterns that bring personality to any wardrobe.

YULIA DI brought fashion to a whole new level with her K.O.S.T collection. Adding drastic cuts to each garment allowing women to feel powerful and trendy. Dress pants and dress shirts sliced and patched added the needed flare to a fashion worn by all.

Melisa Amaya’s Curiti collection brought a loose and floral like addition to this year’s runway. Each of her garments shared a bronze, gold or peach undertone allowing the prints and cuts to speak for themselves.

Up next is Alessandra Vasi debuting her Caravan collection for the first time on a New York runway. Her designs are quite unique, adding pieces of fabric to jazz up each of her garments bringing out the Alessandra’s true visions.

Lastly up on our runway is no other than Patricia Nascimento with her collection Realize. A true nod to formal wear, this designer crafted stunning gowns fit for occasions of true royalty. Elegant yet chic sleeves accented by intricate lace and shimmering stones dazzled the audience as the 7 pm show came to a close.


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