Oxford Fashion Studio: NYFW Part 3

To start the show we see Kristel Kuslapuu’s collection Little Boys Blue which added a true mystery to the New York runways. Her chic eye for fashion created such merciful pieces, such as brightly colored graphic print sweaters and happy face woven cardigans, thus bringing an authentic glee and excited mood to the audience as the night commenced.

Following Kristel was the authentic duo from Minnesota TIM + TOM and their collection Upstarts. This collection is nothing short of sophisticated with the persistent use of black and white fabrics and simplistic cuts, all fit for the modern man and woman with a need for chic.

The beautiful works of Jiggerjagger debuted her newest collection Modern Romance. Her use of nature truly makes its mark on the runway with her use of contrasting colors and floral patterns her designs will not go unnoticed.

Caroline Smouse hits off the runway with a bang debuting her Starry Eyes collection. Each garment crocheted with style in mind, as she uses vibrant hues and hypnotizing patterns to express her own trends and personal whimsy.  

Peter Henry by Peter Henry Tamasese follows with his cultural collection Kolourblind Samoana. His use of colors and prints bring a rich flare to this bleak runway. He uses his inability to see colors as a motivation that leads him to paint the runways with his roaring spirit.

Redefining the word posh, Oliveta Creations debuted their pristine collection on the runways of Manhattan. Her muted pastel fabrics and sleek tailoring truly add a hint of sophistication to her dreamlike designs.

Slastion’s Soul collection involve designs that are fit for the thrill seekers, as they test the traditional fashion ways while adding a personal twist of wonder. Dramatic sleeves and sheer fabrics engulf the models giving a meer confidence to all that dare to make a statement.

Bringing all smiles to the crowd, Melanie Jacqueline’s collection is anything but boring. Her designs are fun and cheerful, thus allowing women to truly encompass their best selves. Using thick polkadot patterns, bright geometric shapes and dresses cut for a woman on a mission these garments are the definition of confidence.

Gina Cas closes this night of pure grandeur with her collection 22. Her swanky chic creations are one for all who enjoy modern flare. Gold chrome jackets cut into long flowing strips accompanied by tailored grey piece pants are just a hint of what Gina’s mind can create.


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