Oxford Fashion Studio: NYFW Part 1


First up on the New York runway is none other than Mariela Pokka debuting her stunning Lapland Northern Lights collection. Her runway designs are nothing short of chic, using rich furs, shimmering crystals and sleek leather jumpsuits that accent the intricate qualities that she saw in her luxurious designs.  

Hot off Project Runway is Sarah Donofrio with her collection One Imaginary Girl. Her garments are filled with amazing patterns and mesmerizing colors all taking a nod to her fun and witty personality.

Up next is the stylish .MCMA. London collection. Each of their garments doused in lively colors and cheery patterns that can make any woman feel like her most beautiful self. The models glowing in happiness carried giant balloons as they took their bows showing the true personality of this designer and her beautiful work.

Following .MCMA. London is Qing Hua with her cozy Zynni Cashmere collection. Each of her designs are super chic and super casual, thus creating her goal of making fashion comfortable yet stylish. Flowing skirts and dramatic cuts in her cashmere garments show her love of trends and the importance of comfort.

Next on the 5 pm runway is Liisa Soolepp with her collection Capsule. Yet again another trendy yet relaxed fashion option, as she uses oversized sweaters and loose fabrics held up by belts to express her true version of sleek fashion.

Bel Cappello follows on this Oxford Fashion Studio runway showing off her collection A Year at the Races. Her high end designs show pure elegance as each model flaunts their tailored pencil skirts and trendy headpieces. Each garment fit for the races, while speak of a classier time with new modern flare.

Lastly, showing off her real swanky personality is this collection made exclusively by Nikki Hendricks. Loud colors accented by contemporary patterns is the theme of her designs. Her use of oversized bell sleeves, sleek cuts and sheer fabrics make her designs certainly one to remember.

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